Hello families,

Thanks to all families who were able to make it to last Friday’s  Blue Ribbon Ceremony and “Meet and Greet” event in our classrooms. Many of you were able to come, familiarize yourselves with the 3rd grade/school information and let us know how your child will be leaving school during the first days of school. Thank you!

If you have not picked up a transportation number for your car and you plan to pick up your child in the afternoon, you MUST COME BY THE OFFICE TO PICK UP YOUR GREEN CARD FOR CAR riders before we can allow your child to be picked up.  This is especially important on Tuesday, our first day for students.

There will be a few challenges in the beginning as we get to know you and how your child leaves from school, but with your help, this will run smoothly.  PLEASE STOP BY THE OFFICE to pick you the sign for your car before dismissal on Tuesday. PLEASE LET YOUR HOMEROOM TEACHER KNOW how your student will travel from school if you have not already.

Thank you for helping make this a pleasant and successful first week of school!

Your 3rd grade team


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