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Reading Assignments

Grading Key

Teachers assess students in many different ways including standards-based classroom assessments throughout their school day in order to get a complete understanding of a student’s performance level. Markings are based on several grading criteria.

In addition to oral and written classwork, homework, and formative as well as summative assessments, students are also assessed on effort and class participation. All of these factors are part of the final grade that will
appear on the report card.

This year the third grade will be using A, B, C, D, and F grades on our
report cards. The range for these letter grades is as follows:

A           90 – 100      Outstanding

B           80 – 89       Good

C           70 – 79       Average

D           60 – 69       Below Average

F           Below 60     Failing

PLEASE NOTE: Learning is more than paper and pencils, books or electronic devices. Your student will also be given daily reports for behavior on Class DoJo and in his/her planner.  This report will travel home each day and will require a family member’s initials.


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