Volume Tutorials & Games

Intro to the Metric System with Bill Nye

Cool METRIC Song Rap-

Explains the “Power of 10” in Metric System

Understanding Units with Sal – Khan Academy

Volume Song

Breaking it down–volume!

Mass & Weight

Weight and Mass- Tools for measurement





Area & Perimeter Tutorials and Games

Perimeter & Area of a Polygon

Perimeter & Area of a Nonstandard Polygon

 Geoboard Activities

Practice measuring area with this geoboard game!

Area on BrainPop, Jr.



Welcome back!

Comparative Adjectives lesson

This week’s Treasures story, “Beatrice’s Goat”…

This week’s spelling list….please click here:

5.1 Spelling List

This is a warm up lesson to practice skills previously learned.

Fractions on a number line review:


Heifer International and this week’s tutorials….if there’s school! :D

This week we will read “Beatrice’s Goat”–nonfiction about fundraising in 3rd world countries where children still need education.  Here’s a little tutorial about the importance of goats for your enjoyment:

Unpack Your Adjectives! We will be using comparative adjectives this week! Let’s unpack ‘em!

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your Adverbs here!



Vocabulary this week:

Beatrice’s Goat

Practice suffixes here:

Suffix game

Happy Valentine’s Day! Week of Feb. 9-13th

Animal Talk Poem to analyze in class

From the CCSS Handbook to review Poetry

From the CCSS Handbook to review Shades of Meaning

Linking Verb Review

Forces & Gravity

Just for fun…GRaVitY GLuE!

Equivalent Fractions activity

Use with Perimeter – Maths Mansion

Tutorials week of Feb. 2-6

All About Contractions!

…add -ies!

Comparing Fractions Visually – thanks, Sal!

Fractions with Maths Mansion

Tutorials week of January 26-30th

Fraction Word Problems to Practice

Math Playground

Word Problems using fractions

Let’s Visit the Chaffee Zoo!

Chaffee Zoo, Fresno, California

Khan Academy’s Plots on a Number Line…another point of view in Math!

Visual Fractions & Plotting on a Number Line

POETRY BREAKS – use generously 😀

Poetry Breaks

Past Tense Verbs


Homonym & Homophones Presentation


Use “The Girl in the War” to teach Point of View

Draw a silhouette – draw the feelings inside the character, draw the feelings outside the character. Use metaphor, similes, literary devices–prepare for writing!

The Girl in the War lesson

Fraction Basics from Khan Academy

Tutorials week of January 19-23rd

Thinking Blocks – use with word problem practice


The Water Cycle

Helping Verbs

Shape poems

…more poetry!

Examples of poetry….more poetry fun!

Author of the week–Jack Prelutzky:

Dive into fractions!

“I have a dream….”

Find Grampy Stimpy – Fraction Fun


Visual Fraction Games

The short version– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on BrainPop, Jr.

Dr. King

The longer version–